Best Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide 2020 | Vegan-Friendly

 Welcome to the 2020 Holiday Gift Guide featuring sustainable, eco-conscious, vegan-friendly gifts for all your friends and family! I've been doing a lot of online shopping because 1. #quarantine and 2. I don't really enjoy shopping IRL even when there's not a global pandemic.

I think it goes without saying that the most earth loving thing to do would be to up-cycle something into a handmade gift, or even find cute gems at the thrift store. And while those are both things I thoroughly enjoy doing, it's not always realistic. Sometimes, it's easier (and more fun) to shop. Which is why it's so important that we do it responsibly and support sustainable brands who are making the full effort to do what's right. 

In the past I've tried to buy sustainably but usually gave up when the effort it took to search for eco-friendly brands that actually care about the planet felt way too overwhelming.

Not this year though! I've been determined to shop smaller and support truly sustainably and transparent companies that are creating high quality products. I found myself being really excited about some of the gifts I was picking out and realized there are probably a lot of people who want to buy more ethically and sustainably but don't know where to start, who to trust and the overwhelm halts their efforts all together. If this sounds like you, I understand and that is why I spent hours and hours creating this hand selected gift guide for you. Enjoy shopping while knowing you're supporting companies and people who genuinely care about the planet and the beings on it. Happy Holidays Loves! 

Here's how this guide is laid out (feel free to scroll to find what you're most interested in):

Eco-friendly gifts from Amazon with a secret hack to get plastic-free delivery!

Eco-friendly gifts for under $50

Eco-friendly gifts for under $100

Eco-friendly clothing for her/they/them

Eco-friendly clothing for him/they/them

Eco-friendly kid & baby gifts

Eco-wrapping tips! 


Let's start with gifts from Amazon

Ok, I know Amazon is controversial especially when it comes to sustainability but the truth is, people still use it so let’s make it work for us! Thanks to TikTok user @getwasteed I learned how to request plastic free deliveries from amazon! Before you place your next order, just go to your Amazon home page and click on “Help”  at the top (I found mine at the very bottom). Find where it says Contact Us (if you don't see it look at the bottom left for a button that says "need more help?" then click contact us) and start an online chat with an Amazon representative. Once you're in an online chat, simply tell the agent that you'd like Amazon to stop using plastic packaging in your deliveries going forward, and they will place a note on your account. Boom! (note: not all items will be guaranteed to ship 100% plastic free, especially when glass is involved but it will certainly reduce the amount of plastic significantly!)

These are just a few eco-friendly gifts you can find on Amazon but I've made a longer, more extensive list of gifts that you can check out here. 

I have one of these rose quartz rollers and I LOVE it. I use it daily as a part of my skincare routine/face massage so this would be a great gift for anyone who loves to take care of their skin! 

Everyone knows at least one yoga lover. But did you know that yoga mats can be toxic! Most yoga mats are made from PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) which is the most toxic plastic!! Yikes! This is not good for yoga lovers bodies or earth! Give the gift of all natural, eco-friendly yoga gear this year!

Hello HiBar Shampoo & Conditioner. As a trained cosmetologist, I can tell you right now that these are by far the best shampoo/conditioner bars out there. I was so skeptical about using bars for my hair but I LOVE the way my hair feels from these (I use the blue ones which are moisturizing). This would be a great gift for anyone who wants shiny, silky, healthy hair - without the plastic bottles.

Most likely you know some people with iPhones, and they probably have cases on those iphones... And those cases are without a doubt made from plastic. Give the gift of a Pela Phone Case this year. They are cute, biodegradable, compostable and made from plants! I've been using mine for almost a year and I love it! (You can search for different iphone versions) 

All natural tooth powder and teeth whitening from Dirt Don't Hurt, a BIPOC women owned company.


Let's move on from Amazon, but if you want a much much longer eco-friendly Amazon gift list (for him, her, they, them and kids) click here

(*note: it was harder to find 100% plastic-free, sustainable gifts on amazon but I did my best to make sure that as many as possible were at least handmade, eco-friendly etc.)

Eco-Friendly Gifts Under $50

I LOVE gifting candles! But unfortunately there are so many that contain chemical fragrances and toxic ingredients. Here are a few natural and eco-friendly beautiful candles you can gift this year!  

This Candle comes in an adorable handmade, reusable ceramic jar! 

These candles comes in multiple scents and are made without synthetic ingredients, animal ingredients, phthalates, chemicals, fillers, mineral oils, petroleum, paraffin, or toxins.

The Crystal Candles are made with soy wax, essential oils and have a hidden gemstone at the bottom of each jar! 


Vegan Organic Wine! Unfortunately a lot of wines are made with things we'd rather not know about, yikes! But since we all know some wine lovers, give them the gift of clean, vegan organic wine that's made in small batches! 

I also love gifting soaps. All things handmade have a special essence about them that you just can't get from things that are produced in mass by large companies. A good quality, beautifully scented soap is always a classic gift. I loved that this soap company was woman owned, made in the USA, vegan, cruelty free and palm oil free!

 Here's a few more miscellaneous home & body gifts for under $50:

Zero Waste Shaving Kit

Reusable Coffee Filters for all your coffee loving friends/family!

 Coffee Body Scrub for anyone who enjoys self pampering!

Adorable handmade plant hangers for all the plant-lovers out there!

Menstrual Cup for people with periods. This helps the planet and the person's wallet.  

The Lavender Body Butter from Smile Natural Products is Legit! This company is sustainable, black owned and operated, non-toxic and vegan! Get $5 off any of their products here.

Vegan Food Wraps are a great gift for anyone who cooks a lot and constantly has leftovers! These are reusable, compostable and biodegradable! Help a friend or family member save money and the planet by avoiding plastic wrap!

Zero Waste Vegan Lip Balm for the cold winter lips!


100% Pure Makeup & Skincare for the makeup and skincare lover! This is by far the cleanest brand I've ever found when it comes to the ingredients they use. The products are not only non-toxic but they are truly skin-nourishing. All of their plastic is made from recycled post consumer plastic and is also recyclable. They've got a great *Under $25* page you can check out here.


Another great shop for Unique handmade home gifts is Made Terra. They are all handcrafted by Vietnamese Artisans and I particularly love their home decor  and  lawn and garden sections. They have lots of high quality gifts for under $50! 


Eco-Friendly Gifts Under $100

Give the gift of a clean tushy. This gift is both humorous & hygienic. I've personally been using one for the last several months and I'd recommend it to anyone! 


Super Soft, Ethically Made, 100% Organic Cotton sheets!! Let me tell you, I may not have been interested in this as a gift 10 years ago, but as a 32 year old earth loving human; Soft Eco-Friendly Sheets are a gift I’d very happily receive any day. A good nights sleep is so important and having non-toxic sheets to cozy up in at night is a must! So if you know anyone like me, this is the perfect gift.

Get 10% off storewide + free shipping! Use code: DREAM10 

 A slightly upscale gift for anyone who enjoys nice accessories is this  Vegan Card Case that's handcrafted from luxurious Italian vegan leather from Italy. It's lined with recycled polyester made with plastic bottles combined with organic cotton and is made in LA. They also carry luxury vegan handbags that you can check out here.

Clothing for Her/They/Them 

(Moms, Sisters, Cousins, Girlfriends, Wife, Bestie, Non-Binary Folx and Femme Presenting Humans)

 The first company I want to share is called Everlane. Why I love this brand:

 1. Transparent Pricing (for real).

2. Ethically made, you can even check out the factories where the clothes are being produced!

3. The use of recycled materials and organic cotton. (*vegan-friendly note: there are a few items that use cashmere and leather so watch out for those!) 

4.  Their 60-day return policy AND the ability to ship things directly as a gift with a custom message! 

Here are some pieces that I hand picked with gifting in mind: 

This cozy onesie. Perfect for cold winters or full days of quarantine. 

The Easy Jumpsuit. I LOVE one-piece items that are acceptable to wear out in the world. This is perfect gift for anyone you know who wants to be comfy but cute!  

The Forever Sneaker is cute, versatile and sustainable! Like a 2020 eco-friendly version of Keds #throwback. If you love them your friends and family probably will too ;) 

The Perfect Fit Bodysuit. I have one of these and I absolutely loooove it! Makes other basics like a pair of jeans or a skirt look effortless and cute! 


There's tons more Everlane women's clothing you can check out here, but for the sake of not making this blog 500 pages long, I'm going to move on. 

The next company I'm excited to share with you is called Whimsy + Row. Why I love this brand:

1. Trendy fashion meets sustainability.

2. The use of eco-friendly materials is amazing; organic cotton, upcycled velvet, upcycled rayon, tencel + more.

3. Small, women-owned company.  

These are a few of my favorites: 

Clearly I'm a sucker for anything one-piece but c'mon these overalls are adorable! 


I personally own this two-piece set and have worn it at least once a week since purchase. I've had several friends ask me where I got it, which is always a good sign for gifting. You can get the top here and the skirt here

Give the gift of high-waisted ;)


 Next up we have Ash + Rose, a women owned and female focused company that carries and assortment of sustainable, eco-friendly brands! They also offer beautiful free gift wrapping and free 3-day shipping! Check out their entire store here.

My Picks: 

Lace Top made from dead stock designer lace.

Blue Midi Dress

Cute bamboo socks and undies set.

Super flattering floral maxi dress.

 If you're looking for more Clothes also be sure to check out Mate the Label for more organic, sustainable clothing with super cute loungewear and comfy pjs!

Clothing for Him/They/Them 

(Dads, Brothers, Boyfriends, Husbands, Friends, Non-Binary Folx and Masculine Presenting Humans)

The no-sweat sweater (Brand: Everlane)

The Organic Jean (Brand Everlane)

Classic Organic Tee (Brand: Everlane)

Comfy Cotton Boxer Brief (Brand: Everlane)

The Forever Sneaker (Brand: Everlane)

Hand Crafted Zero Waste Bowtie

Gifts for Kids & Babies

This DIY book teaches kids how to make art supplies using nature! 

Crayon Rocks made from USA grown soybeans! 

This handmade polar bear baby hat is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen!

Adorable handmade baby shoes.

Find more gifts on my Amazon Holiday Gift List ! Scroll to the bottom of the list for kid-friendly gifts! 

Lastly I wanted to touch on gift wrapping. The BEST choice would be to get crafty and cut up paper bags that you have lying around into wrapping paper! You can even paint them! (I've done this with smaller gifts using inside out Trader Joe's paper bags as wrapping paper). But I know some people will still want to use regular wrapping paper in which case I suggest three things:

1. Try cloth! This is known as the Furoshiki Method. Learn how to use cloth as wrapping by Marie Kondo herself here

2. Use recycled brown paper that's biodegradable. You can get a large roll here.

3. Something fun I found!! Recycled paper with seeds embedded! This would be great to use for your garden loving friends! Get it here.

I hope you enjoyed this 2020 Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide!!



Love, Kate


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