Vegan + Cruelty Free Makeup

If you're going to chose to wear makeup, I encourage you to think about what the makeup is made of, who it might be affecting and how it's contributing to the state of our environment. I've been using 100% Pure for many many years and I absolutely love them. 

Just a few of the many reasons why I love 100% Pure:

1. They're non-toxic (like truly, I've watched sooo many live instagram videos from the founder going into detail about their dedication to this and it goes BEYOND anything I've seen from any other brand).

2. They always use recycled packaging: 100% Pure packaging is made from recycled materials – post-consumer recycled glass, plastic, tin and paper.

3. It's not just "not bad" for your skin, its GOOD for your skin! 

4. They use sustainable and biodegradable packing materials.

5.  100% Pure products are made with sun power! The headquarters and manufacturing buildings boast solar-powered roofs that produce about 235,000 kilowatt-hours per year, preventing about 170 metric tons of carbon dioxide from being emitted through the utility company. That’s the equivalent of removing 33 cars from the roads, or planting 4,400 trees.


Some of my go-to products

I always want to make sure that not only my makeup is as cruelty-free as possible, but also natural and non-toxic. This collection of basic everyday makeup items are staples for me. They are all 100% vegan (the only one that's not 100% Pure is #9) and most items are made with fruit and veggie pigments! Not only are they completely non-toxic but all the makeup from 100% Pure actually has beneficial properties for the skin. I always say that IF you're going to choose to wear makeup there is NO reason that animals or the planet should be harmed in that process. And if we're going to use beauty products then they might as well be healthy for our skin, not toxic. 



1. Fruit Pigmented® Full Coverage Foundation

2. Fruit Pigmented® 2nd Skin Concealer

3. Fruit Pigmented® Anti Aging Lipstick

4. Creamy Long Last Lip Liner

5. Fruit Pigmented® Matte Lipstick

6. Green Tea Fiber Brow Builder

7. Long Last Brows

8. Creamy Long Last Liner

9. Lily Lolo Mascara

10. Cocoa Pigmented Bronzer

11. Fruit Pigmented® Blush


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