RAW Vegan Portobello STEAKS

I love cooking with mushrooms..
I love juicy portobello burgers and portobello steaks.
So, naturally I wondered.. is it possible to make my favorite cooked mushroom recipe, RAW!?
Yes, yes it is. 
Let's be real.. we all know that after eating a few raw mushrooms, it becomes monotonous.
BUT!  After much trial and error I created a way to enjoy mushrooms, raw for FREEDOM FOOD 1.0
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I loved it! The sauce is super tasty! I asses an extra tbsp of cashews and sun-dried tomato because I CHEAT and also a tablespoon of nutritional yeast because I’m a swede and I don’t know what A1 should taste like anyway 😎 It’s super creative and I will make it many times! It’s not super filling especially since I’m not much for volume eating low calorie foods so for you athletes out there; you might need something in the evening before bed if having this for dinner 😌


I made these portobello steaks, they were so good! Loved the A1 sauce the MOST! Thank you so much for all your recipes. I have just started my raw vegan life (in 1 week lol). But so far so good.

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