Easy Morning Yoga and Meditation - Great for Beginners

Easy Morning Yoga and Meditation - Positivity Flow

Hello Beautiful!

I know that I’ve personally struggled with how I *feel* when I first wake up… And I really do believe that what we do first thing in the morning has a huge impact on our day and cumulatively, our entire life.

What I want to emphasize is that if you’re really having a hard time (mentally, emotionally, or physically) I know that trying something new or “adding” more to your day might just feel impossible or you may not have the energy to do it. But if you can just push through that barrier a tiny bit, and be willing to try something new or incorporate even just one healthy morning habit, I promise it’ll be worth the experiment.

We created a 15 minute positivity morning yoga flow + guided meditation for you. It’s short and easy but can absolutely have the power to turn your day around if you let it.

This video starts with a quick 5 min guided meditation by me, followed by a 10 min very gentle yoga flow by Marty. Try it first thing in the morning, or anytime you aren’t feeling 100% … Little things really do make a difference, we just have to actually do them!

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Easy Morning Yoga and Meditation - Positivity Flow

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