What is Slow Living? - My Secret to Living a Calmer Life

Slow Living is:

Healthy Living

Happy Living

Peaceful Living

Mindful Living

Truly living.

Everyone has a slightly different take on this but to me slow living is the antidote to our overly stressful and fast-paced society. Slow living is the opposite of hustle culture. 

It does not have to mean that you hand wash or line dry your clothes, or that you do everything the “slow” way. It simply means that you take time each and every single day to slow down internally.

That “go go go” pace is part of what causes higher levels of stress and anxiety. It is not mandatory to have that mentality in order to actually get things done. You can accomplish your to-do list with a more calm and centered feeling. You can be “successful” while also having peace throughout your day.  

Slow living means saying no to the things that aren’t essential.

It means saying yes to the things that actually bring you more joy.

It means handling your busy days with more grace and ease.

More than anything, slow living is an inside job.

It’s about prioritizing your internal world and your mental health above all else. 

That means taking time every single day to consciously slow down, on the inside

And from that place, anything is possible

How can you be a good parent, friend, employee, boss, biz owner, artist, student or anything else in life if your mind is constantly frazzled? If you are constantly wondering if you’re good enough, or doing enough or producing enough? How long is that kind of mentality and life really sustainable? It’s not.

Eventually it causes burn out which = more pain, more suffering, more stress and more anxiety.

So how can you actually start to live slower?

Breathing exercises help.

Less screen time helps.

Prioritizing fun helps.

Meditation helps.

Yoga helps.

But this biggest difference you will feel can only come from daily practice of these things. If you’re swimming against the current in the world, which by living more peacefully you would be, it takes consistency to truly make the shift. 

If you want a change, you must first make a change. 

So think about this, what kind of world do you want to live in? And what are you willing to do to be a part of the solution that helps to create that world? 

It’s up to you. Put some time into your calendar everyday for self-love practices that help your mind slow down.

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What is Slow Living? - My Secret to Living a Calmer Life

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