Why I am no longer a fruitarian (after nearly 4 years..)

Everything I discuss will be based on my personal experience and research and by no means I am attempting to give any health or medical advice to anyone. If you are wondering what diet I follow now, it's a combination of raw and cooked foods. This makes ME feel the best version of myself.

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Okay, on with my story!

In 2009, I had found the vegan lifestyle and even dabbled in raw veganism but at that point being so young with very few role models on the topic, I couldn’t stick with it. In August of 2013, when I was just 24 years young, I discovered the HCLF (high carb low fat) lifestyle. At first, this lifestyle inspired me to stay mostly raw, fruitarian for 4 years. During this time my diet consisted of excessive amounts of high glycemic fruits, virtually no healthy fats, and in the last 2 years of this time period, I also incorporated some high carb cooked veggies and roots for dinner. For me, following this strict, high fruit diet resulted in: 

- hair loss

-loss of skin elasticity 

-premature aging

-low hormones

-sunken eyes

-loss of muscle definition


I want to stress something here: I do believe this lifestyle CAN work for some people long term. Perhaps not every fruitarian ended up with these issues, but it happened to me.

i regret being fuitarian

Photo from Instagram: @katefruitflowers 

I attribute these symptoms to the massive amounts of sugar I was consuming. In no way do I think that fruit consumed in any normal amount would have done this. Nor do I think that short term HCLF or fruitarian cleanses would have done this. These things did not happen overnight and it took me a long time to even realize and accept that they were happening.

Of course, the aging process is unavoidable but to be 27-28 and noticing drastic changes when my diet was “supposed” to be the healthiest out there?! That did NOT seem right to me.

When I started doing research, I found that our bodies need healthy fats in our diet for our hormones and BODIES to function properly, especially for women. Since adjusting my diet and going towards a more balanced approach, I realized something. I was focusing all of my energy on one food group and not having variety to my diet. Some people can focus their energy on one food group and maybe it really works for them long term! My body could not do that.

One message I really want to also stress in this post: Don't just listen to one person. I have said from the very beginning: my way of eating is NOT the only way of eating. Some people feel better eating a high carb diet, others do not. I'm not trying to convenience you that "my way" is the only way of eating. Try your best to figure out what foods make your body feel amazing. And pay attention if your body STOPS feeling amazing and adjust accordingly.

Over the years I have been trying to be as informed as possible about this subject. If you are unsure about what to eat or what is healthy for your body, please seek out a health professional or dietitian. Even though I research, I am not a health professional, and would never want to steer someone in a direction that isn't working for them.

Another thing I came to find over time was that certain people on long term raw food diets who ate in a more balanced way (still including fruit but not excessive amounts, and definitely incorporating lots of healthy fats and greens) seemed to look and feel AMAZING. I will go ahead and name some of those people because I believe they are shining examples of long term health:


Karyn Calabrese (70 years young)


Sunny Griffin (77 years young)

Annette Larkins (75 years young)

Mimi Kirk (79 years young)


All of these individuals have TWO major things in common: they have been following a raw food diet long term and they do not eat fruit as their primary source of fuel. That isn’t to say that they eliminate fruit, it just isn’t what makes up the majority of what they eat. They all believe in the abundance of greens, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and even some healthy oils.

Absolutely nothing against anyone who disagrees with me or is thriving on a fruit-based diet; I just don’t feel it is what is best for my body. I figured since there is so much hype on social media about fruitarianism, HCLF diets and other similar ways of eating that I would be the odd one out and publicly speak about the topic. Again, it is my personal experience but perhaps it could help someone who is in a similar situation that I was in. 

When I say that I am not a fruitarian is it because I am no longer eating a diet that is 80%-90% fruit, it is not because I have ruled it out. It takes quite of a lot of fruit to get up to that percentage. There were several years of my life where I was eating anywhere for 300-400+ grams of sugar per day from fruit. I just can’t in my now 30-year-old mind comprehend how that can be healthy for my body long term.

Yes, fruit sugar is different than added sugar due to the fiber and water content and the way it is absorbed into the bloodstream. However, excess sugar is excess sugar no matter where it is coming from and unless you’re an ultra-athlete it is going to be hard to burn off all of that sugar in a day, even if it is coming from fruit.

Photo from Instagram: @katefruitflowers 

I now incorporate more greens, vegetables, protein, nuts and seeds along with my fruit and am really enjoying the benefits of high levels of energy, clearer skin, eyes and much more. I also take supplements! This is not talked about still, but you need your supplements to reach any vitiams or minerals you may not be reaching every day. If you aren't sure where your numbers are, please get a blood test!

In conclusion, from my experience, vegan diets are great for your health, raw vegan diets are even better. High fruit diets are amazing for periods of time in order to cleanse the body and give it a break from higher fat foods. A well balanced raw vegan diet high in greens and veggies, nuts, seeds, superfoods, protein, and some fruit is, in my opinion, the best most well-rounded way of approaching a raw diet. It all depends on where you are in your journey.

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I would love to hear any questions you may have about this topic so please don’t be shy! I will also link the recent video that I made about this topic here: 



  • I`ve found myself in your words, I was on raw food diet for more than 2 years, mostly sweet fruits and got troubles with hormone inbalance. I ate fruits also whole winter when there is no fruit season. I couldn`t get pregnant for a year then, just once I stopped definitely with all fruits, I could have a baby. The Chinese medicine explains this quite clearly. I still believe in power of mostly raw food diet, but it is not good for winter season and definitely not with exccesive amounts of fruits, especially sweet and exotic fruits.

  • I am 7 years on fruits only and that was the best change in my life, i look very young now and healed my terminal cancer very fast. you did something wrong! i raised my two children only on fruits and they are the healtiest kids you can imagine

  • I have pkd, i went with watermelon, cantaloupe, and honey dew plus many other fruits for a few months. And that with intermittent fasting improved my kidney function by 12-13 points. Ive since went back to comfort/garbage food, and the weight went right back on. Need to get back on track, those women above are amazing for their age-wow!!

  • Howdy, brill article :) I’ve been yo-yoing 3 years between veganism, eggs n pizzas, the odd burger and have tried fruitarianism a few times but it never takes after a few days. Might sound silly but I feel guilty eating things like lettuce or brocolli because it grows and might feel pain? So I always end up edging towards fruitarianism again. Anyhow think I’m gonna stick with my lentil/ tomato/ cucumber salads, and a fair bit of fruit n nuts….flapjacks for a treat :)

  • I love the idea of becoming fruitarian again, since I have done it before, for eight months.

    When I did it for eight months, I found myself WANTING to eat vegetables without anything on them.
    I would just buy a cabbage and take a bite, and then another and another.
    Had my mother not passed away, right around that time, I may have gone towards eating dark leafy greens, with nothing on them, nearly because I WANTED to.

    Kate Florio

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