Collage of images and floral illustrations. One photo is of Kate sitting, smiling at the camera. The other is of Kate in a tutu, dancing outside in the sun. Text reads live your purpose and love is love.

Prior to going vegan, I struggled with weight loss, body image, eating disorders, addiction, severe depression/anxiety, and an overall sense of health and wellness. Over time, through diet, exercise and spirituality I’ve managed to transform my old destructive behaviors and create a life of positivity and balance. 

Today I’m living the life of my dreams and eating a plant-based diet is at the core of it all. Veganism gave me purpose, confidence, a strong mind, and a healthy body. My journey into vegan and raw vegan diets were a huge part of my motivation for getting started on YouTube. I wanted to share and interact with the community; if it wasn’t for veganism, and all of you, I’m not sure I would have ever started a YouTube channel! 

My content has extended beyond being plant-based and my heart’s desire is to be as open and vulnerable as possible.

My passion is now expressed in revisiting dreams of dancing, promoting health, veganism, LGBTQ+ support and sharing my story with the world. Today, I am determined to help others reach their potential and embody self-empowerment.

A dream is a wish that your heart makes