Vegan Protein Powder

I was inspired to try this protein powder because a vegan athlete that I have followed on social media for years is the creator of this particular brand. I really admire him as an athlete and when I tried the product I fell in love with the taste! It helps me recover much faster and fuels me through my dance classes. And of course its 100% vegan ! 

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Why I Love It:

Getting high quality protein is an essential part of being a full time time ballet dancer/athlete. As a vegan I have tried MANY different sources of plant based protein and this one is by far my favorite. This protein helps me to build and maintain LEAN muscle while providing stable energy. Not only it is filling, nutritionally dense, and low calorie but it also tastes incredible! There are 4 flavors, so you can switch it up - and it goes great in smoothies, pancakes, and other recipes as well. My two favorite flavors are Chai and Strawberry!! I will be sharing new recipes and fun ways to use the protein - so stay tuned!