Seven Days Raw
Seven Days Raw
Seven Days Raw

Seven Days Raw

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7 Days Raw was created to be a week long raw food challenge or cleanse. The recipes in this book can also serve as a healthy addition to any lifestyle. Along with incredible raw recipes this book includes:


✔️ Reasons to try RAW

✔️ Benefits of raw food

✔️ My raw story

✔️ Weight loss tips

✔️ Lifestyle advice

✔️ 7 Breakfast recipes

✔️ 7 Lunch recipes

✔️ 7 Dinner recipes

✔️ Sample Meal Plan

✔️ Instant Download

✔️ No Special Apps Required


With 28 delicious low fat raw vegan recipes, you'll be sure to find ones that you love

Eat Healthy,  Feel Alive.

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 Proceeds are donated to my non-profit organization Azara Ballet

*Disclaimer* I'm not a dietician or nutritionist, the information in these ebooks is not intended to be professional nutrition advice, or to diagnose or cure and ailments. 

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