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I'm Kate Flowers
Dancer, Artist, Vegan Author,
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Get Calmer, Now.

Have you been on the fast track of life? That constant "get more done" train? Yeah... I was there too, big time. It's tough and I want to help you get off that train and take a nice long walk in nature (metaphorically, but also actually).

DO less, BE more. After all, we are human be-ings, not human do-ings. Download my free instant calm checklist and 8 minute guided audio meditation to start your slow(er) living journey.

This is exactly what I need

I have quite a few of Kate's e-books, and all of Kate's recipes are DELICIOUS!!! There hasn't been a single one that I made and didn't like. The recipes are packed full of nutrition too!! I would recommend to anyone, vegan or not!

Heather White

GIVING RAW FRUITS & VEG NEW LIFE! Before this book, I was convinced I would never find a vegan salad dressing that I thoroughly enjoyed. I have never been so excited to eat a salad. I can eat loads of greens with these dressings. Every single recipe I have tried is packed with flavor and nutrients. (FF 1.0)

Taylor Forester

They have truly made this book for anyone! A grocery list! A meal guide for fourteen days! Amazing insight! I have bought a ton of ebooks and this is the first one not only got me inspired! I am already down six pounds. I feel more vibrant and more energized than ever. It’s been five days and I feel AMAZING.

Macey Lang

WORTH EVERY PENNY Every single recipe in this ebook is to die for! It’s not just “good for raw vegan food,” it’s amazing for food in general! You can really tell how much time and effort went into this ebook, and I am so grateful for it. I love the incorporation of healthy fats and balanced macros, it’s realistic, healthy, and tasty! (Freedom Food 1.0)


These recipes are absolutely amazing! I've literally eaten the recipes from Freedom Food 1.0 and 2.0 for three months straight. If you are looking for delicious, nutritionally balanced meals this is your book! 10/10 recommend.

Fox Bragg

delicious recipes to try

Vegan General Tso

Seriously, one of the easiest recipes I've ever made! You'll not regret trying this and your friends and family will love it too! This easy vegan General Tso recipe is a...

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Vegan Goddess Dressing

This easy vegan Goddess Dressing recipe is a part of the Sauce Queen Ebook!  I promise if you try this dressing with even the most BORING salad, you will love it!...

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Vegan Cool-er Whip

Don't believe me? Try it yourself. Insanely good as a fruit dip or added to any type of fruit salad. But it would also be delicious with just about anything...

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Raw Vegan Tacos / Taco Salad

Taco Tues...  Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday aaand Monday? Tacos make for happy taste buds and bellies no matter what day of the week it is.   Tacos are created in...

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RAW Vegan Portobello STEAKS

I love cooking with mushrooms.. I love juicy portobello burgers and portobello steaks. So, naturally I wondered.. is it possible to make my favorite cooked mushroom recipe, RAW!? Yes, yes...

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Raw Vegan Peppermint Bark

Whether you are throwing a Christmas party or want to make little treat gift bags for the holidays, this bark recipe will make your life easy! My favorite part about...

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Raw Vegan Hot Chocolate

Nothing says holidays like a warm cup of Hot chocolate. Slippers, gloves and scarves, fireplaces and snowflakes.  All things winter will ALWAYS make me crave hot chocolate. Especially as a...

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