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Freedom Food is a movement designed to help those interested in holistic health, nutrient-dense meals, and weight loss.

But mostly... BOMB tasting plant-based recipes.

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What people are saying about Freedom Food

This book right here is SO GOOD. I have quite a few of Kate's e-books, and all of Kate's recipes are DELICIOUS!!! There hasn't been a single one that I made and didn't like. This book is especially great because the recipes do not require a lot of ingredients, and they're super easy to make. The recipes are packed full of nutrition too!! I would recommend to anyone, vegan or not! (Freedom Food 2.0)


Heather White

These recipes are absolutely amazing!  I've literally eaten the recipes from Freedom Food 1.0 and 2.0 for three months straight. If you are looking for delicious, nutritionally balanced meals this is your book! 10/10 recommend.


Fox Bragg

I said it once and ima say it again the Freedom Food 1.0 cookbook is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Not only are these recipes delicious but they are simple and doable! And to top it off there are grocery lists already made up for you to just print off!! SAY WHAT!! It couldn’t get easier! Huge thanks to the two beautiful ladies behind it all! Thank you for coming up with these tasty raw mind blowing recipes! 



I can’t begin to express how valuable of a tool this ebook has become in my life. (Freedom Food 1.0)
Not only are the recipes delicious and healthy, Kate encourages not only healthy eating, but a healthy mindset.
Through reading this ebook I’ve been able to change my life. I’m now filled with energy, a positive mental outlook on life, and true health.

Thank you Kate 💜


Bianca Colangelo

Let me just say that the Caesar salad recipe is worth the price of this ebook, that's how incredible it was! Even my not so vegan fiancé loved it. I also appreciate that you don't need certain kitchen appliances that many people might not have. The recipes might be simplistic but that's the beauty of it! You don't need to spend hours in the kitchen to create something delicious! Thank you for creating this beautiful book Kate!



This ebook reminds me the reason I love vegan food and options! Makes me feel powerful and healthy, mentally and physically. I'm following ff1 and ff2 together, it depends how I want to eat that day, raw or cooked and I feel that these books will change my life! Totally in love with them! Thank you Kate for this!


Iro Ntagas


Before this book, I was convinced I would never find a vegan salad dressing that I thoroughly enjoyed. I have never been so excited to eat a salad. I can eat loads of greens with these dressings. Every single recipe I have tried is packed with flavor and nutrients. (FF 1.0)


Taylor Forester

They have truly made this book for anyone! A grocery list! A meal guide for fourteen days! Amazing insight! I have bought a ton of ebooks and this is the first one not only got me inspired! I bought this ebook Feb. 22, 2019 and started on Monday February 25 2019. Today it is March 1 2019 and I am already down six pounds. I eat everything on their menus, I feel more vibrant and more energized than ever. It’s been five days and I feel AMAZING.


Macey Lang


Every single recipe in this ebook is to die for! It’s not just “good for raw vegan food,” it’s amazing for food in general! You can really tell how much time and effort went into this ebook, and I am so grateful for it. I love the incorporation of healthy fats and balanced macros, it’s realistic, healthy, and tasty!


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