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We are honored by these beautiful stories of you sharing your experiences eating healthy and delicious meals from our Freedom Food ebooks.

"Freedom Food has helped to balance out my hormones - since college, I’ve struggled with stress management and hormone balance. Both of these can cause cold sore outbreaks, one of which I’ve shown in the attached photo... This outbreak was one of my worst that occurred in early 2018 after a fever and the start of my cycle. I have scars left over from the worst sores, but I’m willing to bear them over the sores any day.

I switched to veganism to try to combat the cold sores and balance my hormones early 2017, but they’d flare up at the slightest fever and/or as my menstrual cycle came and went. It was a constant battle. I don’t want to claim that raw veganism has “cured” my cold sores because they’re caused by a virus that lays dormant in your body for life. It hasn’t been long since I started eating raw, so my cold sores might come back, but this lifestyle change feels permanent, and wow, it’s helped to keep my hormones balanced in a really short period of time! I love making my meals now, and I LOVE eating them. I can’t thank you enough. Seriously, thank you."-@pnwpoems


“I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for changing my life in ways I could have never possibly imagined.. even in my wildest dreams. I've struggled with my weight pretty much my whole entire life, and unfortunately for me, at the age of 14, I picked up very unhealthy habits for my body and mental health. I was struggling with undiagnosed anxiety and depression at the time, as well as bulimia. All of this has been a constant battle for me until August, when I decided to put a stop to all of this and seek for help. I took a semester off from college to fully focus on my mental and physical recovery, and that is when I also ran into your Freedom Food Raw Vegan meal plan. Ever since then, I started seeing a therapist. psychiatrist, doing TRX, weight lifting and eating completely a fully raw vegan diet and I have NEVER BEEN HAPPIER.

Thank you so much for this, really”
-Isabel Negrete


 “I’d always been overweight since childhood, and I always had a misconstrued idea of health. I thought a “balanced” meal included meat, a grain of some sort, and some vegetables on the side. I was eating meat every day🤢😷. Once I went to college, I started eating fast food multiple times a week, and my weight skyrocketed to 210lbs👎🏻. It was the biggest I’d ever been, and I was completely miserable.  I figured this discomfort and disappointment in myself would remain for the rest of my life. Until one day when I stumbled across your YouTube channel, and everything changed.✨ I started to appreciate food and see the beauty in eating a plant based lifestyle🥑🥦🥒. I empathized with the animals who are being exploited, tortured, and needlessly killed by the factory farming industry🐮🐷🐔. So after about a year of learning and educating myself, I quit my old lifestyle cold tofurky (haha) and I’ve been thriving on a mostly raw plant based lifestyle! I’ve lost now about 60lbs, and I have so much energy enthusiasm for life!💃🏼 I attribute all of my success to you, I couldn’t have made the change without you and your channel. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me take my life back💕” - @emmjordann

 “I want to share that I’ve been vegan following the guidance of Kate and Mae for almost 1 year now. Better health, mental and physical along with exercise I’ve lost 54 pounds and feel great! Acne, dandruff, inflammation and tummy troubles have completely resolved. I’m so proud of this journey and wanted to share my progress with you all.” This was posted in our Freedom Food Facebook group this week by Kimmy Sue!



“I didn’t achieve this from killing myself working out & a restrictive diet. I’ve done that before and nothing changed. I did achieve this from deciding to love fully. Love myself, love my body, love the animals, love the planet, and love others. I struggled to love myself for my whole life and a huge part of that was my weight. When I finally made the decision to love every part of me, my body just became an outward reflection of how I feel about myself & my life. The process isn’t easy; but choosing to love myself and put in the work is the best decision I ever made. I didn’t struggle. I didn’t put myself down. I looked at my strengths, I looked at my progress, and then I kept going. I figured out what I wanted in clear detail-and made it happen.” -@kenzersue


 “In 2016 I lost my dad. He was 52 years old and died from kidney failure , a side effect of diabetes. He had lost both his legs , his eyes were going , and he was in congestive heart failure. My grandfather on that side died at 54 because of heart problems. At that point i was 454 lbs and knew I had to change. I waited almost 6 months while I grieved and then my brother lost 100 lbs. I knew we had to break the cycle so I started doing research. I decided to become a vegetarian. I then found videos The flower fam made and it changed my life. From there I became vegan and have been ever since . August 27, 2017 my life changed for the better because that is when my journey started. I am now 148 lbs lighter and no longer have to take any of the 6 medications I was previously prescribed. I run 5 times a week and feel like a new person.” @redzilla1987

 “I was not exercising to achieve these results. This weight loss is solely a bi-product of following the raw vegan lifestyle, with the guidance of your eBook.

Thank you Flower Fam for inspiring me to go raw! I had been vegan for 4 years and started watching your YouTube videos a couple years ago when you first went raw. I remember thinking ‘I could never do that’. I had convinced myself that raw was too extreme, and ‘normal’ vegan was the only way for me.
The problem was that I was an extremely unhealthy vegan. I loaded up on carbs every single night and stopped respecting my physical and mental health. 

It wasn’t until I started to lose my hair due to extreme stress at work that I decided something needed to change. It was at that time that you had just released your Freedom Food ebook, so I made the commitment to go raw overnight. I use your recipes as inspiration and as a guide to create my own meals. Your book was just what I needed to show that you don’t have to live of lettuce to be a healthy raw vegan.

I’ve now been raw for roughly 3 months, and I’m not looking back. I’ve lost 10kg simply by eating the way our bodies were designed to eat! Thank you Kate, Mae and Elijah for being the light that I needed.” -Deeanne

 “I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to being raw vegan. I accidentally stumbled upon your cult video on YouTube, a subject that fascinates me. The next video that played was about raw vegan. I have suffered from digestion issues for years now. The pain is unbearable. I have been so sluggish. Depressed. Anxious. Miserable. I cut out gluten over a year ago, it gave me some improvement but i still felt sick both mentally and physically. I bought your “Freedom Food” book and now i am on your 7 day smoothie plan. I have never felt better. My stomach used to be constantly swollen. No matter how “healthy” i ate. I now love waking up to run to the mirror and see how my body is changing every morning. I am so much happier mentally as well. A fog has been lifted. You are doing the Lord’s work! GOD BLESS YOU!!!” -Monica


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