Mock Potato Salad

With summer upon us, what better way to show up to your next BBQ or picnic than with this Mock Potato Salad. This RAW, vegan, healthy AND delicious recipe comes so close to the "real" thing you'll be double checking you didn't accidentally put mayo in it! A favorite in Freedom Food 1.0


This dish will have everyone fooled. No way could something this tasty, be that healthy.  
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  • Holy cow, how did you do that? It’s SO similar. And delicious! Filing this one away for on-going use.

    Katie Grimes
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  • Hi kate, There are cooked potatoes in your raw mock potato salad?


  • I am truly in awe on how AMAZING this taste! Honestly soooo delicious! Thank you for creating amazing raw food! Love adding this now to my daily routine.

  • One of my favorite recipes in the cookbook! So delicious!!

    Lynn Hartrum

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