Raw Vegan Meatloaf

Whether you are preparing for a holiday dinner party or craving an old school style dinner, this recipe is perfect for you. I was never a big meatloaf fan growing up but I'll say this, if all meatloaf tasted like this one, I would have become a fan years ago! Besides the fact that this recipe looks epic when finished the dense texture of the loaf makes you go back for more. Seriously so satisfying. 

This recipe is from our Raw Holidays eBook



1 cup chopped celery

3 cups chopped carrots

1 small sweet onion chopped

1/2 cup walnuts

1/2 cup raw coconut flour

1 small zuchinni peeled and chopped

1/4 tsp garlic powder

2 TBSP coconut aminos

2 TBSP ground chia

6 TBSP water


3/4 cup sun dried tomatoes

4 pitted medjool dates

*I use a dehydrator for this recipe.


-Combine celery, carrots, onion, walnuts, flour, zuchinni, and garlic powder

in high speed food processor

-Process on high for about 3 mintues and stop to stir as needed.

-In a large bowl combine ground chia and water to form chia "egg"

consistency. Let sit for 10 min.

-Pour meatloaf batter into large bowl with chia egg and stir well until evenly


-Use a dehydrator tray with a teflon sheet and using your hands

mold batter into a loaf form. (Approx 9 in x 4 in x 2 in )

-Soak sun dried tomatoes and dates in water for 1 hour. Drain the sun dried

tomatoes and dates and save the soaked water.

-In a high speed blender combine dates, sun dried tomatoes, and

1/2 cup of the soaked water. Use tamper to blend under smooth.

-Spread glaze on top of the loaf. Score Loaf into about 6 slices.

-Dehydrate for 8 hours at 115 degrees fahrenheit. Serves 3-6.

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