Cinna-Raisin Oat Cookies

Have you ever dreamt of eating cookies for breakfast?
What if I told you, now you could?
And not just any cookie, a well balanced cookie that tastes incredible and gives you the energy you need to start your day off right! 
These cookies were designed in Freedom Food 2.0 not only for the cookie lover in all of us, but for those of us who could use an extra energy boost in the A.M. 
What if you got to wake up knowing you're about to indulge with some cookies!? Best part, they are guilt free!
Eat these cookies with with p e a c eof mind.
You're taste buds, body and soul are taken care of.
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I really enjoyed making these, I was out of raisins so I swapped them for shopped up dates, worked out really well. Thanks for the recipe


I’ve made these a few times now! They make my whole apartment smell incredible. I’ve tried swapping the raisins for dark chocolate chips and it works great


I used this as dough for a breakfast crumble! I had roughly chopped red apple and thawed frozen strawberries at the bottom of a small container and coated it with crumbles of the recipe above. It needed 20 minutes of the oven and turned out perfect!


I’m very positively surprised! I’m usually hesitant about recipes with warm banana but these are perfect! I love that there is a good 3 tablespoons of raisins, giving them the perfect sweetness that makes it easy to love these cookies. The batter gave me 4 cookies. Bonus: Your home will smell delicious for HOURS!


Loved these! However, I learned after the first ten minutes that they didn’t flatten out at all upon baking! They were still in rolled balls. I attempted to flip them and then flattened them with a spatula for the remaining ten minutes. Still turned out great : ) I also used mulberries in place of raisins for a calcium kick!

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