Rice & Lentil Pilaf

I know what you're thinking... that looks like a pile of mush! HOWEVER, this dish is not only healthy but incredibly comforting and delicious! In fact, it is one of my FAVORITE recipes from Freedom Food 2.0
A dish the entire family will love 
This desirable creamy dressing combines perfectly with the rice and lentils, leaving your taste buds asking for more.
     This dish is best described like a soothing hug on a bad day. 
*If you're using a Tahini that is very thin and less creamy use 1-2 TBSP water for your dressing 
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I love it! It’s creamy and full of taste. Next time I will cook the carrots with the rice and lentils as I like them softer. I used mushroom soy instead of coconut aminos and added about 1 tbsp nutritional yeast in the dressing.


I saw this on one of your videos and made it. I had never had coconut aminos, but they are delicious! I added a little agave after mixing the sauce in, but that was just preference. I also did quinoa and lentils instead, and it was great. I think I could eat the sauce on everything! Thank you!


My sauce was extremely runny, basically just flavored water. Did I do something wrong?

Ashley Zimmerman

This recipe is a total gem!!! I made this tonight for the first time (I doubled it) for my hubby and I, and we agreed—this is one of our new favorites! For anyone who might not love carrots (like me), I would suggest grinding up the carrots in a food processor to get them extra fine (I did this and loved how it turned out). I bet it would make for delicious meal prep too especially if the sauce is stored separately! This recipe is simple, healthy and delicious. 10/10 would recommend! :)

Rye Murless

“I made this!!!!! Omg thank you it’s amazing!!!!! Take it to work everyday I’m hooked…..The sauce Is so addicted could eat this like cashew butter. #happylady! Xx

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